Meet Zarro - our new name!

After 4 years of trading as AJRB Services, we’ve come across many clients who struggle to remember the abbreviation of ‘AJRB’ – understandably so. To many, ‘AJRB’ has no meaning or rhythm – they’re the initials of our Director. However, for a company in an industry like ours, we can only succeed when prospect clients can find us easily, remember our name easily, and recommend us to others without having to use the phonetic alphabet to spell it.

This is where Zarro was born. In 2023, we made the decision to create a new brand called Zarro – it will be the trading name of our services going forwards, starting late 2023. AJRB Services Limited will remain the legal entity behind the scenes, but our marketing material and services will be branded ‘Zarro’.

Your Questions, Answered

What does this mean for me as an existing client?

Realistically, nothing. You will see changes to our branding and invoice designs over the next year or two, but nothing is changing in terms of the legal business – we’re still owned and operated by the same people – the values and mission of the company remains the same, it’s just our new nickname!

Have you been acquired?

No, we haven’t been acquired. We are still AJRB Services Limited, just trading as Zarro (Zarro IT, Zarro Hosting, Zarro Communications, Zarro Cloud).

Will this bring new benefits for me?

Firstly, you’ll hopefully be able to remember our new name! We’re also excited to release a number of new Zarro-branded services – having a new memorable name will hopefully result in more custom, and in turn, more investment in new products and services.

Are the people changing?

Nope! We’re still the same friendly and bubbly team, and it’ll stay that way!