Blazing Fast Virtual Private Servers
We offer both Managed and Unmanaged Virtual Private Servers - with integrated Backups, a Firewall, and Instant Activation. What's not to love?

Virtual Private Servers with a little extra oomph (now with FREE setup!)

With so many VPS Providers in the world, it’s difficult to decide which one will fulfil your requirements. Where we can, we try to bridge that gap with a platform that offers you an unmatched experience. Bare Metal is often expensive, and spinning up a server can seem like an overwhelming task – especially with the associated price tag. With AJRB Services, you can rest assured that we’ll get you up and running, with a reliable, robust, and great-value server. Unlike other providers, we don’t lock our clients in – you’re free to upgrade or cancel whenever you like, providing you with ultimate flexibility and choice.

We use the industry-standard Virtualizor VPS Panel for our clients, running on KVM/QEMU Servers. We run rebootless patching on our servers to keep them up-to-date and secure, while maintaining the highest levels of uptime. We also ensure that no single server is overloaded with our 24/7/365 monitoring, so you can rest assured that your VPS will perform all day long.

We’re constantly adding new features to our dashboard, giving you more self-service options. But fear not, we’re only a support ticket away if you get stuck!

Included Features

As standard, we include the following features in our Cloud VPS Offering:


  • Automatic & Instant Provisioning
  • Free Snapshots Included
  • VNC Console
  • Public IPv4 & IPv6 Address(es)
  • UK-Based Datacenter
  • Self-Service Start/Stop/Reboot Functions
  • rDNS & PTR Records
  • Root Password Reset
  • Upload your own ISO 
  • Re-Install over 10+ different included OS Templates

Pick your VPS Plan


Orders may be subject to manual review before provisioning for spam/fraud prevention purposes. 

Our pre-built plans don’t suit you?

We appreciate that our pre-built plans might not be ideal for all situations. Therefore you can either order any VPS and configure additional resources at checkout, or you can contact us at for a bespoke VPS plan. We are happy to tailor for any compute requirements and we’re confident that our pricing is competitive and great value.

Don’t fancy managing your own server?

That’s fine – we understand that managing a server can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we offer a Fully Managed plan – we’ll install a service of your choice on your server and we’ll manage it for you. Better yet, opt for our Fully Managed plan, and we’ll automatically protect your servers from security threats and vulnerabilities, and also automatically patch your server with KernelCare Enterprise. All included in one simple pricing structure. Simply select the ‘Fully Managed’ tickbox at checkout. After that, you can raise up to 10 Support Tickets with us a month for anything related to your Fully Managed plan (don’t worry, issues are not counted in this quota).