Our Contractual Obligations to you

When you decide to place your trust in a company, you always want to see some form of guarantee to ensure that your services are reliable and available, and that the company will be responsive to outages or issues. Therefore, we outline below our obligations to our customers, categorised by plan.


Last Update: September 2022

Next Review Date: September 2023



Some products and services are completely exempt from our SLA – these services will show (No-SLA) appended to them on your itemised invoice. In some cases, you may be able to upgrade to an SLA plan for a small fee, but occasionally we are unable to offer guarantees on services – these include but are not limited to:

  • Free or Discounted Services
  • Trial Products
  • Resold Third-Party Products whereby support channels already exist directly with the provider(s)
  • Unmanaged Products


Server Uptime Guarantee

We offer unmanaged products at a reduced rate from our standard managed services, allowing customers to take control of their own services – this is best suited to those who are highly-technical and require little to no support. These are exempt from any Support SLAs, but are still bound by uptime SLAs. We promise to ensure that your Servers are available 24/7/365. Our agreement with upstream providers ensures that we can provide a 98% uptime guarantee. Over the past year, the uptime has been 100% for these services, but we do have to factor in occasional faults, which are usually resolved very quickly due to the resilient nature of the networks that we work with. The 98% uptime guarantee is exempt from any maintenance periods. We endeavour to keep maintenance periods to a minimum, and have protocols in place to ensure that these periods can take place without causing any downtime. However, customers should allow for 24 hours of maintenance within a 12 month period.

Claims on our Uptime Guarantee are invalid if the downtime was a result of:

  • Planned Maintenance
  • A fault in the configuration of your server, caused by yourself
  • Exceeding the limits of your plan
  • Misuse of your service
  • A routine reboot lasting less than 5 minutes
  • An unpaid invoice
  • A fulfilled cancellation request
  • Issues with other providers resulting in downtime to your service (such as DNS hosted elsewhere)

If we fail to fulfill our obligation to you, ensuring 98% uptime per year, we will reimburse you 20% of your monthly invoice for every 24 hours that your service is down. If an outage lasts longer than 5 days, we will credit an additional 15% of your monthly invoice to your account per subsequent day. Your reimbursement will be paid to you in credit on your next invoice. Your entitlement for claiming is waived if you fail to make a claim within 10 days of the outage. You can make a claim by emailing support@ajrb.co.uk

Support Response Time Guarantee

All support tickets are triaged and prioritised according to their severity and the service plan that you subscribe to. We endeavour where possible to respond to all support tickets within 8 hours of creation, but this is not guaranteed nor do we oblige to do so.

We include our guaranteed response times below.

For Managed Services: 8 hours response time

For Unmanaged Services: 24 hours response time

For free/trial services: 48 hours response time

Please be aware that response times are not indicative of resolution times. We cannot guarantee in any case the time it will take to resolve a support case. 

Where we provide a guarantee in ‘hours’, this should be understood as business hours. A response out of working/business hours will not be guaranteed and therefore any claims against tickets raised during these periods will not be fulfilled. This clause does not apply to any customers who subscribe to an extended support plan including 24/7/365 support.

Working hours are considered Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (UK Time). 

For a support response time to be guaranteed, it must be raised in the appropriate way – via email to support@ajrb.co.uk, via telephone on 01865 930930, or via our ticket portal at https://support.ajrb.co.uk – we do not honour any claims made against support requests where they have not been raised in the appropriate manner. Support requests sent to an individual within the company via direct communication, such as Instant Messaging, Email or such, are not guaranteed any response. We also do not guarantee response times for any queries that are not related to an existing service (such as a sales or pre-sales query). In these cases, we endeavour to respond as soon as we can.

Claims for missed response times must be made to support@ajrb.co.uk within 10 days of an SLA breach. We will conduct a review of the ticket and the potential risk to your service before approving a claim. We will add a credit to your next invoice for any reasonable claims. The amount of credit to be applied will be determined by a number of factors – such as severity of the breach/terms and the incurred loss of service to the end customer.