Protect your Online Identity with a Password Manager

According to a report published by Verizon, 81% of hacking-related breaches used stolen and/or weak passwords. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Our single best prevention method to protect ourselves is to adapt and stay one step ahead. This means having a different password for every password, choosing passwords that are difficult to guess, and enabling two-factor authentication where possible. Lots of breaches can be avoided by following this simple advice. This is where a password manager comes in. A good password manager will let you know if it has detected your credentials in a breach, it will tell you if you have used the same password more than once, and it’ll suggest strong passwords and store them for you. One of the most common reasons we hear for weak/simple passwords is that they’re easy to remember. With a password manager, you don’t need to remember your passwords – it’ll remember, store, and fill them in for you, all while scanning the web to make sure you aren’t the next victim to a data breach! Welcome to NordPass – a secure, affordable and easy to use product that will help you protect your online identity and credentials.

Included Features

Our NordPass Products include:


  • Your own password vault
  • Shared business vaults (Enterprise Plan)
  • Cheap per-user pricing model
  • Ongoing Support & Management
  • No lengthy contracts

We also offer a 14 day free trial on both plans.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase NordPass via AJRB Services?

As a NordPass partner, we offer additional value by adding another level of support, competitive pricing, and additional benefits. We also allow for simple bundled pricing and our team become specialists in the product to better support you and your business.

Why NordPass?

Previously, we sold LastPass. However, a recent security breach on their systems meant that we needed to find a more secure solution to better protect our customer’s data. We evaluated many options, and NordPass stood out as a company that takes security very seriously. They offer faster apps than competitors, and they have a more secure and modern encryption algorithm with a zero-trust approach. We decided to switch to NordPass ourselves and decided that they’re a good fit for our clients based on their security approach, and the simplicity of their applications and administration.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes of course – you can upgrade your plan from Business+ to Enterprise at any time. However, please note that NordPass do not allow downgrades, so you won’t be able to move back down to your previous plan. If you’d like to try before you buy, contact us for a free trial. You can also amend the number of users at any time.

I would prefer to buy another solution…

We do still have LastPass available in our catalogue, however it is no longer our recommended solution. If you would like to purchase LastPass then please contact and we will help you.