Welcome to Managed Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an enterprise suite of cloud services, all hosted and operated on a fully-managed basis by Microsoft directly. There are endless options with Microsoft 365, and it allows for easy scaling and business growth. With low-cost licenses and highly-secure business applications, you can trust that your organisational data is in the right hands. Bundle Microsoft 365 with our SaaS Backup services and Anti-Spam, and you’ll have a full suite ready to go. You can purchase licenses directly from our portal with 30-day terms, unlike the yearly commitments if you buy from Microsoft directly. What’s the catch you may ask? Well, there isn’t one. We’re an official Microsoft CSP Partner, and we can offer licenses at the exact same price as Microsoft on more flexible terms.


The Microsoft 365 cloud is famous for security – with enhanced security features built-in free of charge, protecting you and your business data from hackers.


You don’t need to worry about security updates or patching – these are all handled by Microsoft and are done behind-the-scenes with no downtime for you or your business.

Flexible Licensing

Want to change your licensing every month? Go for it! Upgrade, downgrade, swap licensing. It’s fully flexible and configurable, with no termination fees incurred for changes.


Microsoft operate 16 data centers worldwide, offering true redundancy and uptime. With thousands of servers at their disposal, your 365 package will scale with your business.


Microsoft 365 will integrate with many Line of Business applications natively – offering Single Sign-On for common apps including Adobe, Salesforce and more.

Included Features

A typical Microsoft 365 license will offer you a bunch of features, but you can always opt for more with a higher license. Some of the ‘standard’ features are as follows:


  • Microsoft Exchange (E-Mail Hosting) / Outlook
  • Office Apps Online (or desktop with relevant licensing)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Basic Spam Filtering
  • Microsoft OneDrive file storage

Pick your License

Ready to get started?

Check out our extensive list of licenses – order and have them provisioned immediately. Want something extra or looking for a license that’s not on our portal? No problem, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

We also offer custom integration projects for Microsoft 365 – including SSO projects and Enterprise Phone System integrations. Please contact Sales for more information.

Please contact us if you are a charity looking for Microsoft 365 – you may be entitled to free/discounted licensing. Applies to registered UK Charities only (subject to verification).