Welcome to Managed Networking

TP-Link is well known in the networking market – their devices are great value, offer great stability, reliability and efficiency. The Omada range of TP-Link equipment is their enterprise line of software-defined networking devices. They offer a very affordable alternative to Ubiquiti’s Unifi range – often with added benefits, including enhanced Technical Support, better warranty periods, and improved reliability. 

We offer clients the ability to manage their TP-Link devices on our cloud, using our hosted Omada Controller. This means that you don’t need to buy or host your own controller. With updates, security patching and maintenance included in our solution, you can focus on managing your network without the stress of managing a controller too. 


We monitor our Omada Controller and have hardened it to provide you with a secure solution. With SSL and patching included, you can relax and let us look after your network.


Login to our dashboard and access reporting about your network and client activity. Use this data to spot anomalies and trends, or block suspicious traffic. 

Firmware Updates

You can update your devices’ firmware directly from our controller, or you can even set a schedule for automatic updates during the night. Full control over your network.

Discounted Hardware

If you purchase your hardware through us, you can get discounts on our hosted controller solution. You can also get discounts on additional hardware purchased through us.

Support Included

We offer basic support for your network on a “best-effort” basis on our standard tier, or you can opt for Managed Networking and let our team of experts manage your entire network.

Included Features

Our Hosted Omada Controller includes the following features as standard:


  • Regular configuration backups
  • Manual/Automated Firmware Updates
  • Included Security Patching and Software Maintenance
  • Simple per-device licensing model
  • Add new devices on-demand
  • Discounts on TP-Link Hardware
  • Basic hosted Captive Portal
  • LAN/WAN/VLAN Management
  • Device management functions – locate, reboot etc.


We also offer bulk discounts based on the number of devices that you connect to our controller. 

1-5 Devices: £1.75/Device/Month

6-10 Devices: £1.55/Device/Month

11-15 Devices: £1.35/Device/Month

16-20 Devices: £1.15/Device/Month

21+ Devices: £0.95/Device/Month


Contact sales@ajrb.co.uk to get started.