Let’s get connected ????

If you’re experiencing issues with your computer, our technical team may request access to your machine to perform further investigations. We will simply provide you with a technical support code that you can enter below to get one-off support. Please only download our one-off support agent from this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the support agent be able to see my desktop/screen? – Yes, during the session, we will be able to view your screen. As such, we strongly suggest that you close any confidential or personal documents prior to connecting. 

Do I need to keep the agent installed? – Not at all – the agent can run in ‘portable’ mode, meaning you don’t need to install it. Once the session is finished, you can simply delete the agent download from your computer.

Is it safe to run this on my computer? – Yes, it is safe to run this software, if you download it from this page. Please do not run any software that claims to be from AJRB if it has not originated from our official website. We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of software that isn’t hosted on our own domain. Also note that your Anti-Virus may block our software, and you may need to make an exception to run it. However, if you use our Managed Anti-Virus, this shouldn’t be a problem.