Exclaimer Cloud E-Mail Signatures

We have partnered with Exclaimer Cloud, a leading product in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace e-mail signatures. No client-side signatures need to be set. You send your email with no signature attached, and the recipient receives your email with a professional signature at the bottom! All the fields are dynamically populated with cloud data. No more inconsistent and manual signatures making your business look ‘naff’.

Included Features

Our Exclaimer Cloud bundles include:


  • Automated Cloud E-Mail Signatures
  • FREE Setup
  • Cheap per-user pricing model
  • Ongoing Support & Management
  • No lengthy contracts

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase Exclaimer Cloud via AJRB Services?

Firstly, we remove the minimum/maximum user caps. If you buy direct from the vendor, you are required to purchase a minimum of 5 users. 

How can I order?

Unlike the majority of our products, Exclaimer requires manual setup. This is because it’s a new product and we haven’t finished integrating it into our marketplace yet. If you’d like to order, please email sales@ajrb.co.uk and we’ll get you setup!